New Business Advisory Services

inc_shaking_mixed_race.jpgIf you’re launching a new business venture, you probably have a thousand questions. Contact Spencer H. Jones, CPA at 972-699-9798 for answers to some of the most important ones.

Should you incorporate as a C or S corporation, or would an LLP or LLC be more appropriate? We can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each and help you come to an informed decision.

How can you develop a comprehensive business plan and minimize your tax liability? We can assist with that.

What if you don’t have time to deal with daily bookkeeping, payroll and other financial tasks? We can handle all of those functions for you.

At Spencer H. Jones, CPA we’ll help cultivate a solid plan of action so you can realize your dream while managing your tax liability and avoiding common mistakes. First, we’ll learn about your goals in order to clearly define your company’s direction and translate it into a sound business plan. Then we’ll identify an appropriate business structure, assist you in obtaining financing and recommend an accounting system to keep your records organized.

As your trusted business advisor, we always have your best interests in mind. We take the time to explain complicated financial issues so you can make the right decisions for your venture now while always planning for the future. With our new business advisory services you can hit the ground running and keep heading in the right direction. Call Spencer H. Jones, CPA at 972-699-9798 and schedule your free consultation today.

Entity Selection

Your business structure has a big influence on taxes. We’ll evaluate your new business and determine which type of entity will be most advantageous for long-term tax savings.

  • Business Plans - Your business plan is your roadmap towards success. We'll work with you to draft a plan that clearly outlines strategies for growing revenue to secure financing and help you stay focused on your company’s goals.
  • Business Tax Planning - Our extensive knowledge of tax regulations and how they apply to small businesses means we will minimize your tax obligations and ensure you're always in compliance with all Federal and State tax requirements.
  • QuickBooks™ Setup and Training - QuickBooks is the number one accounting software on the market so we’ll consider your business needs then point you to the best version of QuickBooks to track your financial information.

You have questions. We have answers. Request a complementary initial consultation regarding our new business advisory services.